Classes and Promotion


Sunday School at 9:00 AM


      Nursey (up to 2 years old)

      3 years old

      4-5 (pre-K)

      Grades 1-3

      Grades 4th - 6th


Sunday WORSHIP service at 10:00 AM

  Kingdom Rock children's classes are available.

     Nursery (Birth-2)

     3-4 years old

     5 years old -Kindergarten

     Grades 1-3

     Grade 4-6

Wednesday Night at 6:30 PM

  Kingdom Rock children's classes are available.

      Nursery (Birth-2)

      2 & 3 years

      4-5 years old -Kindergarten

      Grades 1-6

      Grades 7-8


Our student classes and promotion from these classes has changed. We no longer will promote kids on their birthday in any class (Sunday School, Children’s Church & Wednesday night). We are going back to a once a year promotion like in public schools. This is not only much easier for us to keep track of, but is also best for the classes and kids. Promotion Sunday will be last last Sunday in August. The children's birthdays MUST be before September 1st. In children’s church and on Wednesday nights, kids who turn three before September 1, will move from the Pebbles class to the Gemstones class. Students who turn five before September 1, will move from the Gemstones class to the Cobblestones. Kids going into first grade will be promoted to the Stepping Stones class. Fourth graders move up to the Cornerstone class. This will help keep age groups together and class room numbers more even. In children’s church (Sunday mornings) kids going into the seventh grade move out of children’s church and will remain in the sanctuary for Pastor Andy’s sermon. Promotion in Sunday School is slightly different. Kids turning four before September 1 will move up on promotion Sunday. New second graders will also change classes. Currently we have classes for kids up to 7th grade in Sunday School. Please talk to Kaley or Carrie if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience as we work through issues that come up as we try to make our student ministries a great experience for our kids

Bible Bucks

Bible Bucks is a reward program for the kids. They receive one "buck" for each of the following: attendance, Bible brought, saying their memory verse and good behavior. Because this is a reward program, students that act up in class do not get a buck that day for good behavior. They do however still get one for attendance. Same goes for each of the above mentioned. In order to get a bucks, kids must be able to say their memory verse and must have their Bible in class, not in the car. Students that come both Sunday and Wednesday night will have more bucks to spend than those who just come to one service, solely based on attendance. The more a child comes, the more chances he/she has to get paid. There is a bonus buck that may be given for exceptional behavior, good deeds, birthday reward, attendance of a Kingdom Rock activity, etc. This is a bonus and not something the kids receive each time. It should be used fairly sparingly. It's the teachers responsibility to pay the students. The teacher is given a Bible Bucks Tracking Card to keep track of the total for each child, the month they are teaching. The teacher can pay the students weekly or monthly. The money goes in their envelope. The envelopes are currently to be kept in the Music/Activity room on the bookcase. Envelopes should not be made for visitors unless it is likely they will come back occasionally. For example grandchildren of church members that visit often and children of split families. If we have a visitor on the day of the store w will give them ten bucks to spend as a "glad you visited and hope you come back" reward. We do not want any child to feel left out.  

Tracking Cards

The tracking cards are an easy way for us to keep track of how many Bible Bucks the kids receive during each service. Simply mark the appropriate boxes. At the end of the class or at the end of the month tally up the marks and pay the child. Please keep the cards in the teacher folders.

Bible Bucks Store

A parent or adult must shop with kids ages 8 and under. Older children who can easily count their bucks may shop alone. Kids in the Pebbles class get a flat 10 bucks to spend. All store items are on a first come first serve basis. Kids are not allowed to shop before or during church. The store will only be open on Sundays following the morning service. Children that come ONLY on Wednesday nights will be able to shop the following Wednesday. If a student is not at church on the day of the store, their money will be saved for the next store. We plan to have the store open one Sunday, each month except on occasion.