Each month this newsletter is posted on the church website at just click on the Student Ministries page. It’s also emailed to parents, grandparents and volunteers and it’s also posted on the church’s private Facebook page. NOTE: All dates are also on the church website for quick reference. 

For more information about First church youth ministries contact:

Luke Feeney: - 533-4608
Carrie: - 718-8152

Kaley: - 664-0237

Becky: - 664-0690

Melissa N: - 573-578-2578

We Need Volunteers!

There are lot’s of different opportunities and places you can volunteer within our Children’s Ministries.  We need teachers, helpers, nursery workers and bulletin board decorators.  If you are interested, please see Pastor Luke Feeney, Kaley Deckard, Melissa Nisbett or Carrie Myers to sign-up!

Parents we need your HELP! 

Help us reduce class room disruption! Please be sure your child uses the restroom before church begins so that they don't have to go during their lesson time. Please don't allow you children to bring toys, candy, food or drinks with them to class.  We also ask that you keep their jackets and coats with you. Thanks!

First Church Kids Notes

Volunteers Wanted

We are needing volunteers in children's church and on Wednesday nights. We need teachers and nursery workers. We rotate the teachers each month and nursery workers each week. We have classes for all ages. We will put you where you are most comfortable. If you like to work with the smaller kids, that's where we will put you. We have great curriculum. It's very easy to understand and to study, and most everything is provided for you. If you are not comfortable teaching alone, team teaching may work best for you...couples, mother/daughter, sisters and friends just let us know. We have a very special group of kids. Each and everyone of them are important and we want them to have a great experience at church as they grow in the Lord. They truly are great kids! I know you would enjoy working with them and they love to get to know new people. Please think about volunteering. But most importantly pray about how you can be of service to our kids. If you are interested in helping please see Carrie or Kaley. Thanks!

Also, if anyone is interested in decorating bulletin boards in the classrooms, we are looking for helpers. We try to get the boards changes quarterly/seasonally. If you are a creative person and would like to help please see Carrie.

Kingdom Rock Information Sheets

If you have not filled out a information sheet on your child(ren) please do so. We need to have a signed registration for each family. The information includes contact for the parents, birthdays, and special needs. It also has a waiver to sign allowing use to take picture or not take pictures of your child(ren). We use the pictures for promotional use in the church, on our website and occasionally on social media. If we do not already have this information for your family, please get it to us as soon as possible. Forms are on the table in the foyer.

We want to Hear From YOU!

We would like to get some feed back from you, parents and teachers. How do you think the year has gone? Have your kids enjoyed the classes and curriculum? Teachers, do you like working with the curriculum? Is there anything that we can do to make the time with the kids better?

Monthly Activities - Are the activities not interesting enough? Is the timing poor? We know we can’t set a date that works with all families, but we try to get the date announced as soon as possible. What are the reasons you do/don’t attend these activities. Please let us know. We want to make the events work for all of our kids and their families.

We believe that the kids need to fellowship with each other just like adults. It’s our wish that the kids and parents get to know each other and form lasting friendships. Friendships and bonds that they can depend on as they grow in body and spirit. This is the purpose of the First Church Kids monthly activities.

Classroom Ages and Promotions

As of February 2016, our student classes and promotion from these classes has changed. We no longer will promote kids on their birthday in any class (Sunday School, Children’s Church & Wednesday night). We are going back to a once a year promotion like in public schools. This is not only much easier for us to keep track of, but is also best for the classes and kids. Promotion Sunday will be last last Sunday in August. The children's birthdays MUST be before September 1st. In children’s church and on Wednesday nights, kids who turn three before September 1, will move from the Pebbles class to the Gemstones class. Students who turn five before September 1, will move from the Gemstones class to the Cobblestones. Kids going into first grade will be promoted to the Stepping Stones class. Fourth graders move up to the Cornerstone class. This will help keep age groups together and class room numbers more even. In children’s church (Sunday mornings) kids going into the seventh grade move out of children’s church and will remain in the sanctuary for Pastor Andy’s sermon. Promotion in Sunday School is slightly different. Kids turning four before September 1 will move up on promotion Sunday. New second graders will also change classes. Currently we have classes for kids up to 7th grade in Sunday School. Please talk to Kaley or Carrie if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience as we work through issues that come up as we try to make our student ministries a great experience for our kids.